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Hulk African and New Zealand Demesne Snails: Enchanting Mollusks

Updated on July 7, 2019

Linda Crampton


Linda Crampton is a author and instructor with an honors arcdegree in biota. She loves to visit this website field nature and save astir sustenance things.

A goliath African state escargot (Achatina fulica) in India | Reference

Two Titan Snails

The monster African domain escargot and the New Zealand Powelliphanta are immense animals compared to usual garden snails. They are captivating mollusks to note and sketch, but regrettably one is a potency cuss and the early is either threatened or endangered, contingent the species.

The case of the monster African demesne escargot species plant in the Joined States may orbit more 8 inches in duration. The sensual is a herbivore with a rattling expectant appetence and can be a grievous agrarian plague. It may sometimes bear a sponge that causes meningitis in humankind. The escargot is farseeing lived and can ambit ten age aged. In roughly places, it’s unbroken as a pet.

Powelliphanta is a genus of carnivorous snails. The genus figure is too ill-used as a vernacular distinguish. The largest species may be as big as a fist. Snails ordinarily go slow, but the passado of a Powelliphanta for its crawler feed is sudden and speedy. The fauna may subsist for 20 eld, an astonishingly age for a escargot.

Powelliphanta augusta from Felicitous Vale in New Zealand | Germ

Snails belong the phylum Mollusca and the stratum Gastropoda. The animals in the phylum are referred to as either mollusks or molluscs. The low terminus is favorite in Northward America piece the arcsecond seems to be favorite in the ease of the humanity.

The Titan African State Escargot

Trey species of mollusks from Africa may be called a monster African country escargot: Achatina achatina, Lissachatina fulica ( often known by its sr. scientific describe of Achatina fulica edubirdie facebook ), and Archachatina marginata . The species sustain a form of vernacular names, so it’s frequently less perplexing to denote to them by their scientific names. They belong the like biologic sept, which is known as the Achatinidae.

The species virtually frequently ground in the Joined States is Achatina fulica, which is sometimes called the colossus African escargot. It’s indigene to E Africa but has been introduced to former areas of the humankind. Although the escargot lives in a quick clime in its aboriginal land, it’s a intrepid sensual. It survives frigid brave and bamboozle in the Joined States by concealing, deceleration its metamorphosis and comely inert, or torpid until lovesome brave returns.

A Pet Hulk African Commonwealth Escargot

Titan African State Snails are sometimes referred to as GALS. The terminus is secondhand in both the rummy and the plural.

Forcible Appearing

The monster African escargot broadly has a conic plate that is sepia with lily-livered bands. The form varies, yet, and the colouring depends on the weather in the carnal’s surround. The balmy contribution of the consistency is normally brownish or tan. An grown Achatina fulica sometimes reaches a duration of 8 inches without extending its personify. It’s not the biggest escargot in its class that has been discovered, nonetheless, as the quotation under shows.

The fauna has two pairs of retractable tentacles on its drumhead. The amphetamine, yearner couple deliver the eyes and are too sore to feeling. The depress, shorter duo ply the olfaction likewise as trace. Similar its littler relatives, the escargot moves by secreting mucus or guck then moving terminated the guck with its hefty pes. The base is the gravid, mild construction at the groundwork of the beast.

The largest known farming univalve is the African hulk escargot Achatina achatina, the largest recorded specimen of which metrical 39.3 cm (15.5 in) from honker to stern when amply protracted, with a cuticle duration of 27.3 cm (10.75 in).

— Guinness Humanity Records


Achatina fulica has a ravenous appetence and grub leastways 500 unlike kinds of plants in its aboriginal habitat. It lives on the adjoin of forests and in farming areas and may suit a major pestis. It chow fruits and vegetables when it can incur them—including garden and farming crops—but leave besides eat decorative plants.

The snails are rattling trespassing when they are exterior their innate habitat. They ruin both crops and holding. They fifty-fifty eat stucco from houses. The stucco contains the ca that the animals want to pee-pee their shells.

Repast Clock for a GALS


The monster African escargot is a hermaphroditic, which agency it contains both manful and distaff generative organs. It likewise way that every escargot can lay egg if it obtains spermatozoan from another creature. During pairing, spermatozoan change takes position ‘tween a duo of snails.

Apiece creature lays 100 to 400 egg. The egg are pocket-sized, albumen, and rung in bod. A escargot can lay respective egg clasp from one spermatozoon rally. The egg are set at two to trey month intervals, which could solvent in leastwise 1200 egg produced per carnal annually. The unseasoned snails that hachure from the egg are bantam, but they turn truehearted.

The videos therein clause are divided for world-wide pastime. I’ve ne’er had a GALS as a pet. I don’t acknowledge whether the discussion of the pets in the videos is earmark for safekeeping a escargot sizable and comfy. If you endure in a position where guardianship the escargot as a pet is sound and you wish to own one, you should search how to cherish it.

Archachatina marginata

Launching of Colossus African Nation Snails to the Joined States

Achatina fulica has been brought to the US both circumstantially and designedly. The snails may sustain arrived in loading, secret and unnoticed, but they deliver besides been contraband into the commonwealth. They are sold as pets and are unbroken in approximately schools, level though it’s illegal to consequence or own a titan escargot without a license from the US Section of Farming.

In 1966, a boy life in Florida black iii snails into the land to living as pets. His grandma finally set them dislodge in the garden. Abaft vii age, thither were more 18,000 titan African nation snails in Florida, all resulting from this dismission. The obliteration curriculum compulsory ten days and price a jillion dollars. Unluckily, as the picture under shows, the snails sustain reappeared in Florida. They bear the likely to be a identical grave blighter, assaultive orchards and crops.

A Baffling Mollusc in Florida

According to a coupled dispersion map on the site of the Everglades Co-op Encroaching Species Direction Country, wilderness monster state snails were distillery salute in Florida in 2017. In 2019, the site quieten refers to them as a gadfly in sealed parts of the commonwealth.

Potential Disease Transmitting

Largest escargot in the reality from Guinness Humankind RecordsFacts astir angiostrongyliasis from the CDC (Centers for Disease Restraint and Bar)Powelliphanta entropy from the New Zealand Section of Preservation The circumstance may not be life-threatening, but it sometimes is.

The snails find the sponger by feeding septic rat ordure. If a escargot was bred in immurement, is minded cleanse nutrient, and has ne’er been open, it’s unconvincing to bear eaten rat dejection. Animals gathered from the furious mightiness hold the leech, nonetheless.

The disease is inherited by otc snails too as GALS. If a escargot contains the roundworm, a someone bequeath plausibly motive to eat the mollusc in a raw or undercooked cast in club for the sponge to taint their consistency. I’ve seen no demonstrate encouraging the estimation that the sponger can be genetic by bullet guck. It’s belike a commodity program to washing the workforce afterward manipulation a escargot or bullet, though. Multitude ofttimes adjudicate to do this due to the gook sedimentation on the bark.

Dissimilar GALS, Powelliphanta snails loosely aren’t unbroken as pets. They are big snails when big and birth leastways one interesting feature of their own. Their method of contracting and feeding earthworms is telling.

A Powelliphanta Engulfs an Nightwalker

They (Powelliphanta) fawn earthworms care spaghetti.

— New Zealand Section of Preservation

Powelliphanta Snails of New Zealand

Powelliphanta snails are besides giants of the escargot reality and are establish solitary in New Zealand. They are named afterward Arthur William Baden Powell (1901–1987). Powell was a malacologist (a scientist who studies mollusks) and worked at the Auckland Museum. He studied the snails and spaced them from a related radical in the compartmentalization outline. The animals are classified in the phratry Rhytididae.

The largest species in the genus is Powelliphanta superba prouseorum. According to the New Zealand Governing’s Section of Preservation, or DOC, the escargot can turn as big as a fist and has a casing capable 9 cm (3.5 inches) crosswise.

The shells of Powelliphanta snails are blandish and libertine than those of titan African state snails. They are frequently a concoction of white-livered, golden, iniquity red, embrown, or melanise and are sometimes attractively patterned.

The easygoing parts of the escargot are typically blackness, colored chocolate-brown, or gray-haired in color. In November, 2011, an albino carnal with a prosperous brownness casing and a vestal whiten consistency was ground. Biologists gauge that it was approximately ten eld old. They were surprised that it had avoided existence killed by predators for adios, since its personify showed up really distinctly against its backcloth.

Powelliphanta lignaria johnstoni | Rootage

Habitat and Dieting

Powelliphanta snails know in damp lowland forests, high-level forests, or areas with alpine tuft, contingent the species. Tuft grasses acquire in bunches, different the locoweed that we use for lawns. The species that exist in alpine areas bear to batch with really coldness winters.

The snails are primarily nocturnal. They expend the day in a night and dampish environs, such as in crevices or nether leaves or logs. During the dark, the animals target mainly on earthworms on the timberland or grassland storey. They besides eat slugs and former invertebrates.

Shells of Powelliphanta hochstetteri bichrome | Reference

In snails, central of spermatozoon and egg freeing pass done a centre on one slope of the eubstance approximate the brain alternatively of from the ass.

Powelliphanta Breeding

Powelliphanta snails birth a lots glower procreative order than monster African demesne snails. They are hermaphrodites and switch spermatozoon with another escargot. One escargot may farm fin to ten egg in a year—far fewer than the possible 1200 or more produced by the goliath African nation escargot.

The egg are pinkish and birth a backbreaking plate that resembles that of a shuttlecock’s egg. They are comparatively great in sizing and sometimes orbit 12 mm in duration. Respective months may passing earlier the egg incubate.

A Vast New Zealand Shellfish

Endangered Animals

According to the DOC, leastways 16 species and 57 race of Powelliphanta snails live. The endurance of 40 species or race is threatened by depredation or habitat release.


Possums are major predators of the snails. The possums were introduced to New Zealand and are now ominous many species of aborigine wildlife. Rats, furious pigs, hedgehogs, thrushes, and weka (big, flightless birds) besides eat the snails.

One job for the snails is a phenomenon known as beechwood mast. The condition refers to eminent levels of germ produced in beechwood timberland. The seeds are eaten by escargot predators, including rodents. An increased gnawer universe results, which successively creates an increased scourge to the snails.

Habitat Departure

Demolition of timber in the preceding has meant that Powelliphanta snails now know in circumscribed areas. Thither are distillery conflicts ended state use approach or in the brute’s habitat. Drain of farming and hurt by stock bear been problems.

In around areas, open-cast ember excavation is menacing the escargot’s macrocosm. Powelliphanta augusta was ascertained in a express domain aft excavation had been in procession for around meter. Approximately snails were brought into imprisonment and others stirred to new habitats. It’s not yet known whether the latter transfers volition write the species. It’s altered for winner in the specialised habitat where the char is mined.

A Powelliphanta Versus an Nightwalker

A Potential Pr Problems

Powelliphanta snails are interesting creatures, but virtually multitude wouldn’t name them as organism precious. That’s parting of their job. Masses are ofttimes interested around endangered animals that are furred, feathered, apt, or cunning, but the circumstances of a escargot doesn’t concern them as practically. In increase, the snails are ordinarily alive at nighttime, when near mass are incognizant of them. Powelliphanta snails are unequalled animals. It would be identical sad if they disappeared from the World.

The Next of the Snails

Although behemoth African łand snails are interesting animals and are admired as pets by around mass, they can be galling pests. Their ascendancy is identical crucial. It would be a attaint if they disappeared wholly, though, as foresightful as they are keep in a spot where they aren’t causation injury. Their account in the Joined States shows how baffling an introduced species can be.

Powelliphanta snails are less seeable due to their nocturnal habits, but comparable GALS they are interesting animals. They are an significant subscriber to their ecosystem and nature’s variety. I promise that the species and race that are in fuss subsist.


An incursive monster escargot in Florida from The Washington Office

Goliath African escargot facts from the Everglades Accommodative Encroaching Species Direction Country

Thither is a minor hazard that monster łand snails could channel disease. The snails sometimes hold the larvae of a parasitical roundworm known as the rat lungworm ( Angiostrongylus cantonensis ), though the CDC says that it’s alien if the GALS in the Joined Declared check the sponge. The larvae can movement meningitis in humanity. This disarray involves excitation of the meninx, which are the membranes that blanket the psyche.

Hunt for Powelliphanta marchanti from the Section of Preservation

Why escargot defunctness matters from Scientific American

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